At Women in Travel THRIVE, we have an ambitious goal to make the travel industry equitable. To accomplish this, we need your voice, and your partnership.  Check out our Ally Resources below, and get involved today!

ally resources

We hope to welcome you into our THRIVE journey as a key ally for Women in Travel.  Learn more here about how to be an ally and use your voice to impact the industry. 

july highlight

Hear from Melissa Maher, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Industry Engagement at Expedia Group, and Michael Dominguez, President & CEO of ALHI as they discuss the importance of Allyship

The Castell project – black representation in hospitality leadership

screaming in the silence:  how to be an ally, not a savior with graciela mohamedi

stand up against harassment training from hollaback!

thrive’s day of impact panel:  allyship

so, how can you take action?

Taking action is just a click away

Be an ally in your everyday life.  Read here 10 Tips for Being a Better Ally

Join us! THRIVE welcomes your story, your partnership, and our community is here to learn alongside you. Join us today.

Pledge for HER, and join travel leaders who support the cause and pledge action to move the industry forward. It can’t happen without you! 

“I always wondered ‘why doesn’t somebody do something about that?’
then i realized i was somebody.”

– lily tomlin