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THRIVE EMEA Mentorship


Experience Thrive Mentorship programme and unleash your potential! (at no cost)

Women in Travel Thrive has created this introductory mentorship program to help rising professionals (like you!) in the hospitality industry.

It will be the starting point for you to learn how mentorship can help you advance in your career, and offer your networking opportunities within hospitality.

The programme assigns mentors to mentees every 3 months. You will receive a confirmation email when signed. Once the programme starts you will receive and email to confirm who is your mentor or mentee and next steps. 

As Mentee, you will receive a document sumarizing how the programme works, and giving you some tips on how to define the goals you want to achieve at the end of the 3 months programme and how start the first conversation with your mentor. 

As Mentor, you will also receive a document sumarizing how the programme works, and tips on how to help better the mentees.

More information about the programme in Linkedin.

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