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Join us May 18 at 7:00 pm PST / 3:00 pm GST to hear from and participate in a workshop by Deli Moussavi on Leadership in Difficult Times, with an intro from Emily Goldfischer of hertelier.

How Can We THRIVE in the Midst of Relentless Change, Stay Centered, and Build Emotional Resilience Daily? 

The past several years have underscored that a deep and healthy connection to our inner life is not a luxury, it’s essential. Emotional resilience is the stuff of surviving and THRIVING, as we navigate a reality that shifts daily. How do we keep our center and, in fact, GROW our well-being in the face of the unknown?  Join us for this interactive session with leadership development and emotional resilience expert, Deli Moussavi.  

  • Learn the difference between “mind-made” emotions and authentic emotions 
  • Learn how not doing this one practice escalates anxiety 
  • Understand why we need to relentlessly practice getting out of our “heads” and staying out as often and as long as possible
  • Learn how to empathize without harming yourself, your boundaries and your well-being




A curious journalist passionate about the hotel industry, Goldfischer founded hertelier in March of 2021.  An online media platform that enlightens and inspires women in hospitality to pursue, navigate, and nurture their careers at every stage, hertelier has taken off, creating a dynamic and engaged community of professionals.

Emily curates hertelier’s content through the lens of supporting women in their hotel industry careers-sharing valuable lessons from accomplished pros and rising stars, covering business skills, work/life balance, industry news, and networking opportunities presented in a fresh voice, with bold graphics and social media integration.  Her free Sunday newsletter, Round-Up, a summary of important news from the week, has quickly grown into ‘essential reading’ for industry insiders with an open rate of over 50%.

A self-confessed “hotel nerd,” and graduate of the Cornell Nolan School of Hotel Administration with a master’s from the London School of Economics, Emily began marketing and promoting hotels, restaurants, and destinations on the agency side, before joining Loews Hotels as the Vice President of Public Relations, managing the brand’s corporate comms and hotel PR for over a decade. Originally from New Jersey, Emily has been living in London with her family since 2010, where they have made it a mission to travel Europe and the UK.



Deli is a seasoned facilitator and keynoter. During the past two decades, she has served as a leadership development executive, facilitator, and high tech marketer. After decades in leadership development and high tech, she realized her calling is to help women step into their power in order to lead and heal their lives, personally and professionally. She is a DEI advocate, passionate about helping organizations grow and retain women. 

Deli believes the progress of the world depends on our progress as individuals. Job number one in building healthy relationships personally and professionally starts with putting the work in to build a powerful relationship with oneself. The hardest work we have, as women, is shifting our mindset to focus on taking care of, nurturing, nourishing, loving, and trusting ourselves into being. Relationship health hits the bottom line in organizations as it does in our own personal lives. We need to start with ourselves. 

During a 13-year tenure, she helped launch and grow Fierce Conversations, a communications and leadership program, into a global brand.  She served as Director of Training as well as Master Facilitator and Keynote Speaker working with Fortune 500 as well as high growth companies, universities, and schools around the world. Deli has also worked as Program Director at the Center for Courage and Renewal and serves on the Board of Diamante Scholars Program.

Deli lives in Seattle with her two children. She is a graduate of Cornell University and has been studying and practicing intuitive energy healing for decades, having trained with masterful intuitive healers like Laura Day, Marie Manucheri, and Pat Moffit Cook. Follow her on IG @delimouss, listen to her podcast, Unwritten You: Rediscovering Our Unstoried Selves, and visit delimoussavi.com 
(coming soon).

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