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Interview with Sam Parker

I’m Sam, and I am one of the biggest believers in potential over experience. I started my career in travel as a theme park operations manager, and took a leap of faith to move into a marketing world I was not familiar with. I was lucky enough to have incredible mentors and leaders who saw […]

Mercedes’ Story

I was born and raised in Zamora (Spain), a medieval city with the most Romanesque churches in the world. Now, I live in Miami (USA) since 2014, one of the major tourism hubs of the world, ranking second in the country only after NYC. I graduated from URV and UOC, where I majored in Tourism […]

Abby’s Story

Jersey girl bred, but New York City made. Growing up in Northwest New Jersey was not thrilling by any means; there were more cows than people, my high school could teach you how to skin a deer, we partied in barns and spent our Summers in lakes. I wouldn’t change my upbringing one bit; and […]

Melissa’s Story

My story is about Imposter Syndrome.  I was in my early 20s when I started my first job in sales, I found myself working with amazing clients and colleagues who had more experience both in age and professionally.  This made me second-guess the value of my ideas and vision often, and as a result, I […]

Kate’s Story

I grew up in an all-women household.  My mom instilled a highly independent streak in my sister & me.  We both had jobs at 14, we paid for our own education, and were encouraged to participate in activities that supported our leadership skills – my sister took the path of sports, while I took a […]

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