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Download the THRIVE Mentorship App today to connect with women throughout the Hospitality industry who align with your particular industry, skill set, and growth goals!

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THRIVE Match Networking Program

In the THRIVE Match Networking Program, we will pair you up with women or allies to THRIVE across the Hospitality industry to network and meet new people. This program is meant to make quick connections and network across industries. Pairs are made at random and you can choose if you’d like to be paired monthly or only once. You will be notified of your pairing at the beginning of the month and will receive the name and email of the person you are paired with. Once you receive that information, reach out and schedule some 1:1 time either in person, via Zoom, or on the phone. Happy networking!

The Power of connection

With so many clear signals of change needed to further advancement in the careers of women in travel, why are we focusing on mentorship and networking? Learn a little more from Melissa Maher, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Industry Engagement at Expedia Group about the power of mentorship and connections. 

Interesting in learning more about the power of mentorship? Check out our two panel discussions featuring leading women in Hospitality from companies such as Facebook, Expedia Group, and American Airlines.

The Power of Mentorship – Session 1

The Power of Mentorship – Session 2


What is the difference between the THRIVE Mentorship & THRIVE Match Networking programs?

The THRIVE Mentorship program is an application you can download to sign up for mentorship relationships across the industry. It’s a more comprehensive program built around what skill sets you are trying to improve, your industry,
years of experience, etc. 

The THRIVE Match program is a networking program. It is less comprehensive and more aimed at helping you build connections across the Hospitality industry. These may be shorter meetings more aimed at getting to know people
versus improving skills (although that can still happen!).

How do I sign up for the THRIVE Mentorship Program?

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How do I sign up for the THRIVE Match Program?

fill out this form to sign up for the THRIVE Match Program.

How will I be notified of my pairing in the THRIVE Match Networking Program?

You should receive an email signaling that you have signed up successfully to our program(s). You will receive the details of your match in at the beginning of the following month. After that, the program will continue on a monthly basis and you will receive your match information at the beginning of each month.

My THRIVE Match or Mentor is unresponsive, what should I do?

We hope that everyone who signs up to participate will be responsive and give their time. However, if you find this is not the case, you can always select a different mentor in the app. For THRIVE Match, we make matches monthly and we urge you to sign up (or wait if you chose the monthly pairing option) for the next month of matches!

What is the time commitment for both programs?

The amount of time invested for both programs is up to you and your THRIVE mentor/match! Typically, mentorship relationships are more frequent (monthly, quarterly, etc.) however it is totally up to you and your mentor. For the match program, we have many people who continue to meet monthly or quarterly and then there are others who will meet once and just keep in touch via LinkedIn, etc. Please discuss the expectations for communication with both your THRIVE mentor and match.

What should I expect for my first meeting for the THRIVE Mentorship and THRIVE Match programs?

For the THRIVE Mentorship Program, you will likely spend one hour getting to know your mentor and learn about their experience and industry background. You may also bring up some of your goals or the skills you are trying to
improve upon or learn. At the end of the meeting, we recommend that you speak to your mentor about the frequency of your meetings.

For the THRIVE Match program, you will likely spend 30 minutes getting to know your match and learn about their experience and industry background.

What are some tips for having a successful networking or mentorship relationship?

1. Get to know each other! It will be much easier to open up, share struggles, and ask for advice when you have gotten to know your THRIVE Match or Mentor.
2. Define expectations.
to your match at the beginning of the relationship to clearly define expectations for your conversations (frequency, purpose, etc.) to ensure everyone is on the same page.
3. Actively participate.
to your conversation with specific topics you want to work through or need advice/assistance on.
4. Maintain contact.
 Life is crazy sometimes and it can be easy to put your networking relationship
on the back-burner. Maintaining contact, even if it is one text message a month, is key to building a strong networking relationship.

I am a man and would like to help. What are my options?

Allies of Women in Travel Thrive can participate in both our THRIVE Mentorship & THRIVE Match Networking Programs! You will be paired up with women from the travel industry. You can also 
sign up for our email distribution for more information about Women In Travel Thrive. We would also appreciate your donations to help make Women in Travel Thrive a success. If interested, you 
can donate here or purchase items from our 
Women in Travel Thrive shop here.