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Meet Jene’

Join us to learn more about Jene’ Stewart, as we chat and learn more about her journey with THRIVE: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenestewart/ Hi Jene! Can you start us off today by sharing your favorite piece of advice? I have the utmost respect for the Golden Rule of treating others as you want to be treated.  It applies […]

Meet Sylvia Lee

Join us for an interview with Sylvia Lee, THRIVE HIVE member in our APAC team. Hi Sylvia! Let’s start by hearing all about your day job: My title is Head of Sales & Marketing, LKF Group, which means I wear a lot of hats! Our team works on marketing and sales driven programs for our […]

Ashlee’s Story

One phone call in March 2020 was all it took to know that my life was changing. I lost the job I loved, colleagues to laugh with, and work that fulfilled a sense of purpose. The career that defined who I was for over 20 years was no longer in front of me. I have […]

Shanna’s Story

” …getting what you want is all about taking risks. Ask for more. Don’t be afraid to take on more. Be willing to go beyond your comfort zone.  “ Shanna’s Story VP Distribution ServicesRed Roof My story is about risk-taking.  Like many college students, I started my hospitality career in restaurants: serving and eventually training. Also, like […]

Cathy Ritter – International Women’s Day

Cathy shares her wishes for women to grant themselves grace & how she has worked harder than ever in a COVID -19 world – and the importance of the travel industry. She shares advice on how to get through and keep lifting each other up.

Tara’s Story

” I am most looking forward to engagement with both the Women in Travel Thrive and the Day of Impact as I feel there is so much value in sharing our journeys and stories openly so others can leverage learnings for their own path. This is how we move forward faster; together!” Be Brave. Be Bold. […]

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