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Marina’s Story

Marina’s story is about ‘being comfortable with being uncomfortable.’ Learn more about how her story of traditions allowed her to make this her mantra on the journey to becoming the CMO of Red Roof.

Iram’s Story

Better Together: The Power of Women Supporting Women My name is Iram Ali Jovanovic and my story is on the incredible power of cultivating a strong support system. Women in business today face a magnitude of challenges across industries. From raising capital and salary gaps to balancing responsibilities and lacking self-confidence, the workplace can quickly […]

Jessica’s Story

Lessons From on Top of the Breakers I grew up as the oldest of three and when I was 13, my parents split. My siblings and I lived in a not-so conventional family setting as we stayed with my father and I was challenged with assisting with raising my brother and sister. Because I was […]

Stella’s Story

My father is my hero. Although my father passed away almost twenty-nine years ago, he is my inspiration, my source of strength –  and the reason why it took me a long time to figure out that men and women do not stand on the same ground when it comes to career advancement. My father, […]

Peter’s Story of Allyship

Wait – the glass ceiling is real? I grew up in an egalitarian, low-income family.  My dad had a medical disability, so my mom was the one who went to work.  As a young boy, I never knew that other parents didn’t operate like mine.  They shared all the tasks – he cooked & did […]

David’s Story of Allyship

Success is the result of good ideas – well executed, timed right, and with great teams who possess the required mix of hustle, smarts, and luck Early in my career, I had several incredible female managers who instilled in me a strong belief that we are all equal and have something unique and different to […]

Mary’s Story

When I joined ARI in Dublin Airport as a Sales Assistant, I didn’t expect to stay on past the summer of 2007. Yet, I was lucky enough to be accepted as one of eight people into their Trainee Management program.  The curriculum offered a diploma in Airport Retail Management, training in each of the core […]

Ali’s Story

I’ve always known that women are powerful. My older sister, Kelly, is 13 years older than me – growing up, she was everything I wanted to be:  funny, tough, confident, driven, and she cultivated confidence in my younger sister, Paige, and me.  Growing up in the 90s, Kelly’s anthem was ‘Ain’t Nuthin’ But a She […]

Interview with Sam Parker

I’m Sam, and I am one of the biggest believers in potential over experience. I started my career in travel as a theme park operations manager, and took a leap of faith to move into a marketing world I was not familiar with. I was lucky enough to have incredible mentors and leaders who saw […]

Mercedes’ Story

I was born and raised in Zamora (Spain), a medieval city with the most Romanesque churches in the world. Now, I live in Miami (USA) since 2014, one of the major tourism hubs of the world, ranking second in the country only after NYC. I graduated from URV and UOC, where I majored in Tourism […]

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