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Success is the result of good ideas – well executed, timed right, and with great teams who possess the required mix of hustle, smarts, and luck

Early in my career, I had several incredible female managers who instilled in me a strong belief that we are all equal and have something unique and different to offer in business.  I learned from them that together we can achieve more than any one of us can dream or achieve on our own.

These women encouraged me to look past titles, to understand how experiences shape someone’s point of view, and to listen for the spark of an idea that could change everything.  This approach to leadership allows for difference, healthy debate, and constantly challenging yourself and others to reach higher and farther. 

I’ve had lifelong travelust – but was lucky enough to join the travel community at the birth of “The Digital Revolution.” This was a time when ecommerce start-ups (i.e. Expedia et al.) showed up on the scene – which I was a part of helping launch and shape. I worked hard, was reasonably smart, had great teammates and teams, and I recognize how luck played a role in my success.

But being a member of a community, including the travel and tourism community, requires participating and supporting the whole community – without regard to the direct benefit it may yield to you or your interest. I try to live this way, to be an example to my children.  In addition, my consulting business believes in this same approach as we strive for the success of our clients and their business strategies. 

Growing people, growing leaders, and helping others find success in what they enjoy brings me one of the greatest joys in life.

So you may be asking yourself – Why do I support Women in Travel Thrive?

As many of us do – I’ve navigated my career by learning from mistakes, books, and mentors.  I have been a weaker manager at times, and I’ve had mentors who’ve challenged me to try a different approach and become a better leader.  I’ve built great teams who have built great businesses – and some failures, too. 

Lessons learned need to be shared with those who aspire to grow – not because mentees will be able to avoid failure, but because role models and mentors will show them how to better handle tough challenges and encourage them to learn and grow.  These are the life lessons that pay dividends for my partners. 

Mentoring and support groups that mentor within my community is the ‘pay it forward’ practice I live by. Some of the most revolutionary ideas to adapt to the Covid-era could be among the participants of Women in Travel Thrive. 

And I am certain many of the future leaders of the travel, hospitality and tourism industry are among the participants of Women in Travel Thrive.  Doing what we can to help and support these incredible women will inevitably help our community grow and thrive – that is why I am a proud ally of Women in Travel Thrive.

Contact David here and learn more about his company, Digital DNA Infusion, LLC., at www.digitaldnainfusion.com.

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